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Thread: Anna Nicole on Radio 3

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    Missed it! I dont do opera but I was going to hear bits of it as it's a new work.
    But I was coming back from Wetherspoons and I couldnt find my batteries for the radio.
    (They were in the radio!)


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    Quote Originally Posted by french frank View Post
    Well, his operas alone have been appearing for 20 years now (list courtesy Wiki):

    Greek (1986–88), in two acts
    Twice Through the Heart (1994–96), dramatic scena for mezzo-soprano and ensemble
    Country of the Blind (1997), chamber opera
    The Silver Tassie (1997–99), in four acts
    Anna Nicole (2008–2010), premiere on 17 February 2011 at the Royal Opera House

    Is he getting 'fat and complacent', musically speaking?
    Listening to Anna Nicole (which I certainly did enjoy), there might be something of Turnage becoming a bit 'fat and complacent' IMO I'm afraid

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