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Thread: BaL 22.01.11 - Strauss: Eine Alpensinfonie

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    Default BaL 22.01.11 - Strauss: Eine Alpensinfonie

    22nd January, 2011

    Am I the happiest, most excited poster on this forum? Quite possibly.

    I first heard Eine Alpensinfonie conducted by Bohm on a Heliodor LP, but this was superceded shortly afterwards by the RPO Kempe. With a work that was rarely played. few recordings and the pocket score out of print, it could be assumed that there was little interest in this work. It was generally slammed by critics as "over-inflated" and "banal", but more and more recordings were issued over the years.

    My unfavourites are Dresden/Kempe (wobbly horns) and BPO/Karajan (intonation and aggressive recording).

    My favourites are RPO/Kempe and VPO/Previn.

    But I'm drooling in anticipation...
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