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FoR3 is a listeners' group independent of Radio 3 and the BBC. We are on Facebook

We support the broad range of programming on Radio 3, from speech programmes (drama and arts discussion), through various styles of music (classical, jazz and world). In terms of classical music we believe that Radio 3 should not only look back to the classical canon of the past but should commission, sponsor, broadcast and otherwise strive to familiarise audiences with the music of today.

Programming and presentation should aim to deepen knowledge of the arts, especially classical music, with content which is not otherwise universally available, challenging audiences, not coddling them; intriguing not indulging; enlightening as well as entertaining. We campaign for a return to the cultural and intellectual standards of the past, not the fashions.

No, we do not want wall-to-wall Bach-Beethoven-Brahms &c.; no, we do not want to see jazz or world music dropped or cut down; and no, we do not want the speech/arts programmes transferred to Radio 4. But, whatever the genre, Radio 3 should be expert and trustworthy. Our Aims.
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Looking ahead ~

The BBC PROMS 2014 are on from now until Saturday 13 September. There is a one-page listing of all the concerts here, which will be updated if any changes are announced. All concerts are carried live on Radio 3, so the times given are also the times of broadcast.

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Now iPlaying ~

This will not be updated until a more satisfactory way of searching the iPlayer is found than is offered by the latest redesign of the site. The current week's schedule is here but exact details of availabilty of the On Demand programmes are no longer given. In general, this will be for seven days after the broadcast.

Jul 16: Time for a change

With the departure of the present controller, it is time for a change of direction for Radio 3. The BBC has been slow to acknowledge how far the recent editorial strategy of Radio 3 has been made to overlap with that of Classic FM, with Radio 3 even 'borrowing' several popular features from its commercial rival. More ....


Radio 3 listings: You can download a printable file of Radio 3's programmes each week, in two columns, or three to reduce the number of pages. Bookmark this page - it's usually updated on Friday evenings. Andrew Slater's blog also has direct links to the iPlayer which function once the programme has been broadcast.