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    Terms and Conditions

    Changes for 2015: As the Politics and Current Affairs board has now been closed. Political discussion is currently suspended. News items which relate to music or the arts may be discussed on an appropriate board (for example, Talking About Music or The General Arts). Ideas & Theory is available for political discussion on a more general level. Anything that amounts, formally or informally, to party political advocacy is currently disallowed.

    The Radio 3 Forum: Terms and Conditions of Use

    The main purpose of this forum is to promote discussion of BBC Radio 3 and its programming. Membership is free and open to anyone aged 16 or over. Potential members under 16 should first contact the forum administrators via the contact button which appears at the foot of each page.

    You are legally responsible for the content of your messages.

    By posting messages on this forum you are giving full permission to The Radio 3 Forum to publish them. This permission cannot be withdrawn in the event of your membership being terminated as this would affect the discussions of others.

    In posting on this forum you accept the conditions and undertake to respect the House Rules.

    House Rules

    Please treat other members respectfully, even/especially if you disagree with what they are saying; and please do not start topics or post messages which are designed to be provocative or which explicitly or implicitly target or disparage other members, individually or as a group. Do not use offensive language. Respect the privacy of other members: do not disclose personal information about them on the message boards without their consent.

    Please do not challenge or debate moderation decisions on the open forum, nor start new threads in order to query such decisions. If you have concerns or objections, or want further information, please send a private message to the Moderator (french frank) or to any Host.

    Members are allowed one account only. If members are found to be using more than one account, the first one registered will be allowed and all subsequent ones deleted.

    Private messages (PMs): sending harassing, threatening or abusive private messages to other members is strictly forbidden. If you receive any such messages, please report it; this applies also to unsolicited promotional material (‘spam’).

    The Private Message facility is for personal exchanges between members only. It should not be used for any kind of canvassing in connection with any matter, whether forum-related or not, without the permission of the Administrator/Moderator; otherwise it will be treated as 'spamming'. Members' accounts may be closed if they engage in such behaviour.

    Please do not post copyright material other than short quotes - copyright holders object.

    Signatures: No links of any kind are allowed in signatures. Relevant commercial links can appear in posts and links to personal websites may be included on profile pages. However, registering as a member purely to post weblinks is not allowed and accounts of this kind will be closed without notice. Signatures which include controversial or unacceptable material will be removed.

    We reserve the right to update and modify these rules as the needs of the community dictate to ensure the smooth operation of this community.

    Administration and Moderation

    The Hosts jointly run and moderate the forum. The current Moderator is french frank. They can be contacted individually via Private Message or by using the Contact Us button at the foot of each page. The two technology administrators are Andrew Slater and Mark Sealey.

    The forum is for the use, principally but not exclusively, of Radio 3 listeners. Any member whose posts are deemed to bring the forum into disrepute, or who repeatedly breaks the rules, may have their account deleted.

    The moderator reserves the right to take any action deemed appropriate to ensure that this forum is not disrupted or abused. Threads may be closed or posts removed at the discretion of the moderator and without notice.

    Although the administrators and moderators of The Radio 3 Forum will attempt to keep all objectionable content off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. Any post considered offensive should be reported to the moderators to deal with by using the Report button or by sending a Private Message. On all such complaints, the moderators' decision is final.
    August 2011
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